bodrum in september..

damla and alex got married in a beautiful september day in bodrum.. i believe september is the best month to get married especially in bodrum. it is such a beautiful season in which the weather serves you perfect! damla caught a bouquet on 2013's göcek wedding, and this past year i got to shoot her colorful wedding! it took a while for me to prepare this blog post but before i did they were already on other blogs like flyaway bride and germany's amazing hochzeitswahn exclusive magazine! which made me very proud of! 

damla's liveliness was reflected on her wedding details and every little detail turned out great with the beautiful nature of the venue Flamm. they all wanted to have a sincere wedding even though it wasn't a small one with more than 200 guests all over the world. damla and alex met in london and bodrum was the place to get everyone together. she arranged every single details and worked with nilyum wedding for the organization. blue and orange were the main colors of this costal wedding which reflected the mood of the area. even her gorgeous louboutin's were orange and alex designed his suit to fit the theme and made it tailored to the amazing la misura. damla's wedding gown was a very stylish monique lhuillier. her orange blossomed bouquet was done by her long lasting florist friend ege soley. one of the best details were the names engraved mint&orange nike id sneakers for the comfort of their feet through out the day. their legal ceremony was done in the states in the spring that their beloved friends held the ceremony part with laughters. it was really good experience to witness that joy. 

you can watch this whole joyful day from dugme film's video at the very end! i am so grateful that i got to capture this amazing day and witness the love of these two amazing people along with their loved one! dear damla and alex, i hope to witness more of your joyful days and still waiting to meet in london soon!

i hope you enjoy it as much as we did! have fun!