paris, my love in march..

i love paris. we do have some sort of great love story going on between us. no matter what time of year it is.. well funny thing, i have always been to paris in march and for now it has been very well! i cannot get enough of this beautiful city. esthetics is the word and concept that defines this city. my dream one day is to be able to wake up to a parisian morning carelessly and enjoy the city at its bests! well hoping to fill this blog with more paris photos in different seasons through out the years. these are from very beautiful march weekend in which the whole public transportation system was also free due to over dose particles in the air causes pollution. from the cities i am living in turkey, this weather is nothing close to pollution ofcourse. so i enjoyed it very much with one wedding, one engagement and one anniversary shoot of beautiful people! which will be on the blog soon too! from the jardins du luxembourg to louvre, from monmarte to pantheon here is beautiful paris..