european wedding congress in the netherlands

it was a great march day for northern europe and it was a gorgeous castle in north of holland. we drove to this gorgeous place with my lovely friends carina & david from belgium to attend this year's european wedding congress that was  hosting internationally known guests,  mike larson, jana willams, lawrance chan and Vanessa van Wieren of alchemy fine events. and of course to i had the chance to meet with other great photographers and videographers from all around europe.  first day it was the conference day for everyone and the second day it was time for the action. to learn and experience more from famous mike larson. below photos are taken during his workshop which was created by talented people like katie larcombe make-up remix, don florito flowers, covers couture. i cannot thank them enough for creating us this opportunity for us! it was such a pleasure to meet with all those talented people and i feel so blessed to be a part of this international organization. hope you all like the photos as much as i did! enjoy! ♥