beautiful autumn..

i have always loved autumn.. how nature brings out it's bright colors out, how it is somehow peaceful. even the rain has it's way of calm you down. it is somehow melancholic and tranquil at the same time. wind blows, rain falls, sun shines, leaves falls.. you just want to be still. enjoy the silence of the nature, you will empty your head and just be still.. at least just for a moment.. because you will feel the fall in you..

photos were taken at casa lavanda hotel, istanbul - stalu hotel, yesilyurt - and urza, istanbul during my maternity and wedding sessions in this september.. 

my love for spring

my love for flowers and gorgeous colors of nature is on its top at this time of year and that puts me in a place where i feel like i am in heaven! i was at a private estate in istanbul and enjoyed this amazing garden! a bit of a fairy tale like; a bit of a movie like setting.. my creativity and imagination reaches its maximum i guess ^_^