dreamy amalfi

october is one of my favorite time of the year for vacations to seasides. not too cold not too hot not full of too much tourist at least. everything is moderate. landed to napoli airport as the sun was setting down and by the time i got my rental car, which by the way ofcourse was a black 500, it was pitch black dark. anyways, hitting the road with crazy, i mean even crazier than some turks, italian drivers i had to travel on those bendy roads! climbing the mountain to get to my hotel in amalfi. i stayed at the cutest b&b called world center hotel with amazing staff. antonio, the manager, was worried about me since i arrived a bit late and welcomed me at the parking lot. that was the kindest act that i had witnessed for a long time that made me so happy! i picked the hotel because it had a free parking lot, cause i already knew that parking fees were crazy expensive in the area! and if i have had checked better i would have known that they were also offering airport pickup for a very reasonable price and yet along can drop you to the near by locations like downtown amalfi or ravello. so i am letting everyone know that you don't need a car to get there just book a room from world center hotel and message them that you need a ride and antonio will help you out with everything! plus they really have good cappuccino compare to the ones i had at the other places in the area. to my luck, i got to wake up to a sunny morning the next day with church bells ringing at 7 am with cannon balls firing. really not good way to wake up especially when bombs are exploding everywhere in the world right now. it turned out it was a holly day for their saint and the churches were ringing their bells for the announcement. it was a good welcome! having your breakfast with an amazing view is just priceless. you do feel like you are in the center of the world nothing beyond you. you do wonder about how and why people chose to live at the edges, by the cliffs but you know why, it is just amazing to live to. 

so i met with lovely punica films for the first time that day after really nice breakfast with good omelet and italian tomatoes and basil. elif and utkan also joined me to shoot a lovely wedding in ravello. antonio drove us to downtown amalfi for us to catch the ferry to positano. which was i guess 8 euros for round trip. not that bad.. the boat ride was nice with great view of course. you get to see the whole area from the sea. very fascinating to see positano from a distance. well unfortunately american tourists made the area super popular that everything is over priced. especially the hotels. if you plan a trip to the area no need to stay at positano unless the budget is not a problem for you. boats don't run late after high summer season so taking an early boat and coming back with the late boat was actually enough to discover the whole town. even later we had time to wander around the downtown amalfi as well. the next day we drove to ravello i switched hotels which i regret the most! but since the wedding was going to be held in ravello it was actually better idea to stay close by especially on the wedding day. but staying in amalfi was also a good idea. anyways, ravello is a tiny town with a lot to offer actually. i couldn't take a lot of photo of the town cause it rained a lot when i had the time to discover it. but one thing for sure dragging luggage is pain in there. there are no cars allowed only pedestrian area so there are tiny golf cart looking cars around for tiny streets that takes you to your hotel from the place where the vales take your car.  well it was also another reason why i regret staying there. so i learned my lesson i am sharing with you all! arrange accordingly!

i love the colors of the whole coast. bright vibrant and natural. those potteries. oh i wanna take them all! really cannot get enough of them! i am so in love with that big fat amalfi lemons and all the art that comes along with it! one day i'll come back and grab those big bright colored plates. i can feel that happening! but until than here are the photos of my lovely trip. elif takes the credits of my lovely photos! thanks to her i do get to have some proper photos at a trip! hope you all enjoy it as much as i did and if you do don't forget to leave <3's at the end! have a great time!


alacati, izmir travel diaries..

when it comes to alaçatı, it has been one of my favorite travel place in turkey. this time it was a nice april day that i got to see this beautiful town in the spring time. i have been there many times in the summer time where it sizzles with lots of tourists. but this time it was quite quite. but it didn't stop me shooting colorful nature of it!

i highly recommend everyone to visit alaçatı at least once and have their vacation time around that area where the beaches are amazing with crystal clear blue waters. and of course to taste some amazing food! 

so here is the colorful little fashionable town of alaçatı. enjoy! 

peaceful selimiye

i love it when green meets blue.. and marmaris is just like that.. and selimiye brings the peacefulness that you seek through out the year. i was in marmaris at the beginning of this month to shoot a beloved wedding and just before that i had the chance to enjoy every bit of this small village.. little hotels, great restaurants with delicious food and amazing sea that you cannot get enough off! luckily my friend ozan and his lovely family are running this beautiful small, cozy hydas pension with great hospitality and amazing breakfast in the mornings, under the olive tree! so if you are looking for some quality time to relax, enjoy a book or two, stay within the nature; i highly suggest you to visit wonderful selimiye!   oh and the best time to visit is definitely september and early october! sun warms you up more than enough and the water is not cold at all =) i took these photos at a very early right after sunrise walk.. it was just great to see how nature was waking up to a new day!  i hope you all enjoy the photos like i enjoyed taking them! 

antwerp with my photoglove <3

it was my first time in belgium.  and guess what; i did enjoy it very much! despite the fact that it is a very small country compare to turkey but it has it's own way of attracting people. antwerp especially drawn me into it! i did enjoy every bit of it! of course discovering it with locals helped me a lot to love this city! but i can assure you that there are so many beautiful things to be discovered. small coffee shops with great coffee, designer stores, which i still have some left to visit, peaceful streets and amazing street art that adds color to dark northern europe weather.. antwerp should be in the list of must see europe if there is a such list ^_^ i hope you enjoy the photos and feel like visiting antwerp soon!  | belçika için avrupa'nın minik bürokratik ülkesi diyebiliriz ama antwerp için daha fazlası gerekiyor sanırım. sehrin kendine has bir enerjisi ve dokusu beni içine çekmeyi basardı. sokakları, restorantları, kahve dükkanları, özellikle sokak waffleları, tabiki bisikletleri (benim için bir sehrin guzelligi bisikletle ulasım saglayabilmekle neredeyse dogru orantılı) ve en önemlisi sehri birlikte gezdigim ve gezerkende tanistigim güzel insanları antwerp'i benim için özel yapmaya yetti.. umarım fotograflarımdan sehri siz de gezme istegine kapılırsınız!


this lovely woman is like my sister now! our story has started in a strange way but turned out great for both of us (i do hope that she feels the same way too tho ^_^ ) i spent 16 great days with her and lovely family and i am hoping that they have enjoyed it as much as did! - i know she did but i am not sure about the kids (!) =D carina thank you for sending me that very first message! i am so glad that i had the privilege to wonder around the streets of antwerp, brussels, paris and drink good coffee, talk over wine with great chocolates with you! you made these 16 days amazing for me!

and david, thank you for putting up with this two crazy lady! you are one amazing patient man! =)

and david, thank you for putting up with this two crazy lady! you are one amazing patient man! =)

pigeon photobomb!

pigeon photobomb!

photo by beyond lovely  carina gyselinck &nbsp;&nbsp;

photo by beyond lovely carina gyselinck